Web Quest

Here is the link to a Web Quest that I feel I could develop for one of my cosmetology classes http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=246369 . The Web Quest is simple but explores some of the beauty avenues that can be explored while introducing cosmetology. To begin I would delete the Shoe topic and replace it with a Current Trends topic. I would then replace the topic of clothes and broaden it to Fashion. Three Web sites that would compliment my Web Quest would be1)Behindthechair.com, 2) Modernsalon.com 3) Bumbleandbumble.com. All three websites are great for how to video’s on the latest fashions and styles. Behind the chair will take pictures from red carpet and give a demonstration to enable stylist to recreate the look. The first two website also present current trends in regards to hair, make-up, nails, and anything fashion related. I also added the bumble and bumble website because they are a “University for hair”, you can take courses at the Bumble University once you have received your certification and hone your abilities. They do many shows for New York fashion week and teach editorial and higher fashion work. They are a great resource for educational videos and knowing what is happening in the high fashion world.

I would also need to find some more pictures from the past and present to represent the history of hair and how trends have changed over time. I would give students the task of picking a trend that they are interested in and finding its origins. I would provide a clear process for them to follow and give guidance to their search. I would also include the website thehistoryofthehairsworld.com to help in that task.


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