Flipping The Classroom

There are many opportunities in my classroom to invert the learning, also know as the flipped classroom. I would start by taking a point in my class where confusion is a certainty. When teaching the braiding module in my class it takes a lot of practise and patience. I would take this opportunity to have the students watch a couple of “youtube” videos on how to create braids. I would also have learners pick a picture off the internet of an up-do that has a braid incorporated that they are interested in recreating. This would give them an opportunity to preview a lesson on braiding and be a little more comfortable when I demonstrate and before having them practice on mannequins. Having the students bring their own inspiration for a braid will help motivate them to keep practising. They will then have the foundation to create the look of their choice.

Another great opportunity to flip the classroom would be when boredom strikes. Definitions and technical terms of language in cosmetology can be dry when talking about skin conditions and hair terms. No one likes to sit and watch one person read out a bunch of terms and explain them. I would have each student pick and research three terms on their own at home. It could be off the internet or from the text book. Each student would have to find a visual to go along with their definition. Finally, I would have them all present their terms to the class the next day. This flipped experience would allow them to fully comprehend their own terms. This would also help them appreciate the other student’s presentations, enabling them to concentrate on the other terms being presented.

Where are the opportunities for you to flip your classroom?


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