36 Core Teacher Apps for Inquiry – Student-centered approaches

I chose this article to read because I am interested in finding more educational resources that are available on line. I was personally afraid of all of the technology and a bit of a “nay” sayer before I educated myself with regards to it. There are many  apps out there that can make learning fun, educational and interactive. For example, in my Introduction to technology class, we used an I-movie app to make a movie (presentation) on how to connect your classroom with Apple T.V. Using your i-phone, i-pad or computer. We were required to research and learn about all these products and how to connect them all together as well as demonstrating it. We also had to figure out how to use the I-Movie app on the device of our choice. The fact that we could put our personalities into the presentation and choose how we were going to teach the lesson to the class, made it exciting and fun. The article is stating that with these apps, students have many different avenues of “discovery type” learning through technology. The apps are a learning tool that utilize student’s collaborative, critical thinking, and technical skills. These apps are great and I can not wait to try more of them! With an I-pad for a tool as opposed to a text book, there are many options the teacher can control to help make every student’s learning experience more individual and meaningful. I believe if students had access to I-pads, their interest level would immediately be sparked, as opposed to the traditional,  “open up to page 45 in your text books”.

So let me ask you,  are you interested in making your student’s learning the best it can be?  Could your teaching methods use some technological advancements?



One thought on “36 Core Teacher Apps for Inquiry – Student-centered approaches

  1. Great information…The I pad is such a wonderful machine…knowing how to use these tools to make the classroom a fun and interesting place to be …rather than students showing up because they have to. I am going to make a point to learn more things to do with my I Pad. There are so many resources that we can use in the classroom, we just need an open mind and a willingness to learn something new.

    Thanks! Pam

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